Classic Bundle – Old Spike


Classic Old Spike coffee bundle with coffe bag, reuseable coffee storage tin and a white cafetiere
Classic Bundle
Classic Bundle

Classic Bundle


Do you like to keep things simple or you just starting your adventure with speciality coffee? This set is for you. With it's unique structure French Press might be just the easiest brewer available, without compromising the flavour of coffee. 

Available in black or white this this sleek French Press from Timemore bonds effortless brewing with unique style. Choose between our classic Arnhem Blend or lighter single origin Roaster's Choice. We will ship the coffee in our branded coffee jar or tin that will keep your coffee fresh for longer and when it's empty you can take it to our Piccadilly or Peckham Rye cafes and refill with your choice of coffee. 

The set includes:

  • Timemore French Press U (450ml)
  • 200g of coffee (choose between Arnhem Blend or Roaster's Choice, whole beans or pre-ground for French Press)
  • Glass Jar (for Black Set) or Coffee Tin (for White Set) that holds 200g of coffee