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LAS BRISAS - El Salvador
LAS BRISAS - El Salvador
LAS BRISAS - El Salvador
LAS BRISAS - El Salvador

LAS BRISAS - El Salvador



Region: Apeneca Ilamatepec
Producer: Carlos Pola
Variety: H2
Process: Honey
Altitude: 1350 MASL

Producer Carlos Pola has dedicated his life to revolutionising specialty coffee production. Carlos leveraged his background in the textile industry to develop a traceability application, establish new quality control procedures on his lab and determine the best ecological methods for promoting plant growth. And he’s not stopping there. Carlos continues to work with as many farmers as possible to help them adopt his practices on their own farms.

His vision is to produce sustainable specialty coffee by applying his textile industry experience of quality control, efficiency and data management to coffee production on Finca Las Brisas.

Carlos has adopted a specific combination of scientific theory and coffee producer know-how. Trees are planted in double rows and shaded by nitrogen-fixing trees. Carlos has even spread specific fungi that have symbiotic relationships with coffee trees and can actually help trees be more efficient at absorbing nitrogen and phosphorus.

In the cup, this coffee is high in sweetness, with a sticky-like body and long-lasting tropical and lime finish.