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Birthday Blend - Ethiopia & Mexico
Birthday Blend - Ethiopia & Mexico

Birthday Blend - Ethiopia & Mexico



Farm: Reko Washing Station, La Soledad
Producer: Reko Smallholders, EthicHub
Variety: Local Landrace, Caturra, Bourbon
Process: Natural and Washed
Altitude: 1650-2050 MASL

Celebrate our 7th trip around the sun with us by brewing our limited release, Birthday Blend.

Blended with celebration in mind, this coffee is made up of Reko and La Soledad of Ethiopia and Mexico. Together, these coffees capture what we're loving right now, full of intense berry sweetness with a long chocolate and caramel finish.

Reko is named after the Reko Washing Station in Kochere, Ethiopia. A community processing plant that provides a space for the smallholders around the area to sell their cherries at a premium. It's an incredibly complex and funky coffee with a heap of dark berry tang.

La Soledad is a recurring feature here at Old Spike. Sourced for us by EthicHub, an ambitious and international award winning start up that provides a lifeline between Mexican coffee farmers and roasters around the world. La Soledad itself is a community project of a few dozen smallholders, tucked away in the mountainsides of Socunusco, Chiapas.

Here's to another year of Old Spike!