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Farm: Villamaría Group
Location: Chinchiná, Caldas
Variety: Variedad Colombia, Castillo Naranjal
Process: Pillow Natural
Altitude: 2100 MASL

There are many steps coffee must take before it ends up as the drink we know and love. One of the steps in particular is perhaps the most important step that defines ultimately how our coffee will taste. This step is called 'processing' as is key step in this lot that makes this coffee so very special.

Miraflores was developed using a rather new processing method we know as Pillow Natural. A Pillow Natural processed coffee involves fermenting the coffee cherries in an anoxic environment. The absence of oxygen and the temperature of the region will accelerate the speed at which the sugars from the cherries consume its natural yeast. The differential here is that a bag full of cold water is placed on top of the fermenting cherries which creates a seal as well as absorbing the heat created in fermentation. This atmosphere creates an incredibly unique, fruity, and tropical coffee.

The cup and the experience are mutually unique. With only 5 bags of this coffee available, we have managed to get our hands on one of them. A cup of intense strawberry jam, refreshing rose lemonade acidity and a long elderflower finish.