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EL CARMEN - Colombia
milk being poured into a latte
A coffee producer on the El Carmen farm
EL CARMEN - Colombia

EL CARMEN - Colombia



Farm: El Carmen de Acevedo
Region: Huila
Variety: Yellow Caturra, Pink Bourbon
Process: Natural
Altitude: 2100 MASL

El Carmen is the product of economic ingenuity courtesy of our choice social enterprise importers, Raw Material.

In a bid to understand why farmers may not be able to break into the specialty scene, Raw Materials collaborated with local producers and Invercafe where they carried out a series of Q and A sessions to unlock barriers to entry. Core challenges including lack of infrastructures and unstable pricing created too high of a risk for some farmers to invest in high quality.

To address these worries, Raw Materials established a new infrastructure they called Red Associations. The new system developed access to better quality equipment, price guarantee minimums of 1M COP/ carga of dry parchment and new drying bed facilities. These changes created an average income growth of 2.5x the previous figures average households would be taking home and a quality of coffee these producers had not seen before.

El Carmen is a truly tantalising coffee. A cup like this which exhibits tropical sweetness is not one you'll want to miss out on. Soft honeydew sweetness, fizzy chardonnay acidity and a mellow lychee finish.