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Sustainable Bundle
Sustainable Bundle
Sustainable Bundle

Sustainable Bundle


Perfect when you're a fan of sustainable living and love bringing coffee with you wherever you go. Everything included can be used multiple times, lowering your reliance on single use items and helping you be more eco-friendly. 

Set includes:

  • Old Spike Tote Bag
  • Old Spike Travel Tumbler (350ml)
  • Glass Coffee Jar that fits 200g of coffee
  • 200g bag of coffee (options available: Benedict Blend, single origin Roasters Choice, Decaf) 


The Travel Tumbler will retain drink temperature (hot or cold) for up to six hours. The wide opening of the tumbler means it is easy to drink from like a glass or mug, add ice cubes to, and clean.

You can bring your Glass Coffee Jar to our café in Piccadilly or Peckham Rye and refill with your favourite beans from our current selection from the coffee silos. 

The coffee will be shipped inside the Glass Coffee Jar.