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NANO CHALLA - Ethiopia
NANO CHALLA - Ethiopia
NANO CHALLA - Ethiopia
NANO CHALLA - Ethiopia

NANO CHALLA - Ethiopia



Region: Agaro town
Producer/Farm: Nano Challa Cooperative
Local Landraces
1980-2100 MASL

The Nano Challa Cooperative was established in 2004 by 25 farmer members from the Agaro town in the Jimma Zone, Oromia. The founder members formed the group in order to foster unity and to find good buyers for their coffees, alleviating debt and improving standards of production. Jimma was an area that had become synonymous with 'Jimma 5', a low quality natural processed commercial type of coffee that fetches minimal prices on the internal and international market. Members of Nano Challa set themselves to change that.

According to Asnake Nigat, the 2020-2021 crop started early, with a peak in December and forecasted to be finished by January 2021. This is also a smaller crop: if on a bumper Nano Challa can produce up 10 containers of coffee, this year the Cooperative reduced its volume to 3 containers. 
An elegant and easy-drinking coffee with a delicate sweet and floral finish. Nano Challa makes a fantastic 'session brew' as a filter, and a remarkably balanced espresso - perfect with or without your milk of choice.