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Orea Brewer V3
Orea Brewer V3
Orea V3 Brewer, Smoke base
Orea V3 Brewer, Candy Base
Orea V3 Brewer, Ocean Base
Orea brewer V3
Orea Brewer V3, Kalita Wave 185

Orea Brewer V3


Orea Brewer V3 stands out with its durability and consistency. It has a unique ring design and a totally flat bed, which reduces inconsistencies experienced with other flat bed brewers. Less factors at play will result with more consistent brews. 

Set includes:

  • V3 clear brewer that holds up to 36g of ground coffee (for two cup brews)
  • Snap-in base in a chosen colour


  • The V3 clear brewer is made in 100% from post-consumer recycled Polypropylene plastic. The base is made from bottle caps, takeaway containers, and discarded tupperware. The whole process of recycling takes place here in UK. This material is flexible, impact-resistant, and crack-resistant.


  • 7.2cm height x 9.1cm diameter x 10.4cm base width
  • Weight (brewer + base): 53g

Additional information:

We recommend using Kalita Wave 185 Filters for the best brewing results. 


As our chosen brewing method here at Old Spike we cannot recommend this Orea Brewer enough. Enjoy bright brews and clarity of coffee both at home or whilst exploring the great outdoors.