Peru - Finca Los Santos

Peru - Finca Los Santos

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Pache, fairly commonly found in Peru, favours altitudes of over 1400 masl and is a natural dwarf mutation of typica originally discovered in Guatemala. Caturra, also grown on the farm is also common in Guatemala but originated as a mutation of the same family but the bourbon side, and from Brazil. These two beans make up 80% of the coffee grown on the farm, with 10% Geisha, and 10% a mix of a number of other varietals that have encroached from neighbouring farms. Cherries are picked, sorted and pulped before moving to fermentation tanks and then dried on trays in solar parabolic driers to ensure even results.

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Variety : Caturra, Pache, Geisha

Producer : Los Santos

Process : Washed

Altitude : 1600-1800 MASL