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Region: Cauca
Farm: Finca El Paraiso
Producer: Yenni Esperanza
Variety: Castillo
Process: Experimental Thermal Shock
Altitude: 1730 MASL
Harvest: October 2020
Partner at origin: CATA
Cup score: 89
Resting: We recommend resting this coffee for at least 7 days after it's roast date before brewing

Thanks to their experimental coffee processing methods and the regularity with which they produce exceptional competition quality coffees, the family run Finca El Paraiso has become an incredibly well known name within the world of specialty coffee since they started growing coffee in the Cauca region of Colombia in 2008. 

We wanted to showcase a lot produced by Yenni, one of the lesser known coffee producers within the family. Yenni is doing incredible work within the region sharing her research, knowledge and innovation of processing practices amongst neighboring farms in Cauca. With this particular coffee, she’s taken an otherwise common varietal (Castillo) and processed it through an experimental thermal shock method she devised. The result is absolutely exceptional, completely debunking what we’d expect from a Castillo variety.

What is thermal shock processing?

This complex processing method uses anaerobic fermentation and then a strictly monitored washing process. The end cup is one of the sweetest cups we’ve had the pleasure of ever tasting. 

For all the scientists and coffee geeks out there here’s what happens..

  1. Harvesting 95% ripe cherries, 5% red cherries (semi ripe).
  2. Wash the cherry with ozonated water to decrease the load microbial.
  3. First phase of anaerobic cherry fermentation for 48 hours in tanks with pressure relief valve at a temperature of 18 degrees centigrade.
  4. Depulpe.
  5. Fermentation second phase: Anaerobic mucilage for 48 hours at 21 degrees.
  6. Washed with thermal shocks (in order to transfer and fix the aromas), Firstly, water at 40 degrees then water at 12 degrees.
  7. Controlled drying for 34 hours, with air recirculation at one temperature of 35 degrees  centigrade and relative humidity of 25%, up to reaching a grain moisture between 10% and 11%.

Coffees from our 'Select' series are packaged in our 100g reusable, handprinted glass coffee jars and are shipped in fully recyclable packaging.

Recommended Recipes:

V60: 15g of coffee - 250g of water @ 90°C - 2 mins 30 seconds brew time

Bloom - Add 50g of water & gently stir to agitate the bloom. Let bloom for 30 seconds.

1st pour - At 30 seconds slowly add 100g of water in a spiral motion starting at the middle and working your way out to the edge of the V60. Make sure to not touch the edge of the V60 with the water. If coffee builds up on the edge of the V60 gently swirl your V60 to bring it off the sides.

2nd Pour: At 1 minute 15 slowly add the remaining 100g of water using the same spiral motion. At 2 mins 30 your brew should be complete. 

Inverted Aeropress: 18.5g of coffee - 240g of water @ 86°C - 1 min 30 brew time, 30 second plunge

Bloom - Add 40g of water and stir for 10 seconds, let bloom for a further 20 seconds .

Brew - Add the remaining 200g of water and stir. Add the cap and brew for 1 minute.

Plunge - Flip and plunge for 30 seconds. Make sure to stop plunging just before the air trapped air escapes!