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Our Story

Old Spike is the UK's first Social Enterprise, Speciality Coffee Roaster.

We pride ourselves on our coffee quality, social impact and environmental sustainability. These core values are at the heart of our business and how we operate.

65% of our profits are used to support people affected by homelessness through a dedicated barista training academy in partnership with the Change Please Foundation (charity number: 11779580). This is an 8 week program covering practical and theory based learning, mental health support, work readiness and financial assistance with accommodation.

We think coffee tastes better with a hint of social purpose, we hope you do too.


We take pride in our approach to sourcing specialty grade green coffee from countries of origin based on the principles of direct trade, quality and seasonality. We are committed to establishing direct trade relationships with producers in order to ensure that we can provide a transparent price for their coffee which is well above the Fairtrade minimum. We achieve this by exclusively purchasing all our green coffee from a handful of specialty importers in the UK who are committed to these same goals and values.
Due to the seasonal nature of coffee harvesting our range of coffees will vary throughout the course of the year. We work hard to ensure that the coffees we serve are as fresh and seasonal as possible for optimum flavour. This also enables us to showcase the wonderful diversity of flavours and aromas found in different coffees from around the world. 
In addition to our focus on direct trade and seasonality we have a strong focus on the quality of the coffee we purchase and roast. Using scientific practices developed by the Specialty Coffee Association we assess our purchases and roasting based on strict sensory criteria before releasing it to the public. Higher quality means a better price for the farmer so it is very important that we continue to work with the producers that consistently supply us with high scoring coffees.