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Impact — Brewing Better This Christmas

Impact — Brewing Better This Christmas

Somehow, it’s only a mere month until Christmas day. It feels like we’ve blinked and December surrounds us. If you work in a supermarket or are a frequent high street shopper and have heard the same 10 Christmas songs on repeat for the last 6 weeks, you might not necessarily agree. But, nonetheless, festivities are on the near horizon and our Christmas Shop is open, with an extra special cause for our Christmas Blend coffee this year. 

Old Spike Christmas Blend

This Year's Christmas Blend:

Firstly, the coffee. When we say “Don’t Tap It, Whack It!”, what springs to mind? A subtle mix of sweet and rich milk chocolate marries with a subtle, sweet tang of orange in our blend this year. One side of this comes from a series of small-holder farms across Brazil, bringing with it that instantly recognisable flavour of smooth cocoa we have grown to love from this specialty coffee producing powerhouse. The other, from undoubtedly one of the most decorated and recognised specialty coffee producers in the world, Jairo Arcila. A honey Colombian with a mandarin sweetness that will delicately drag you around the cup. Together they intertwine perfectly to give a nostalgic hit of chocolate orange in every sip of our Christmas Blend. 

Old Spike Christmas coffee bundle

Christmas with impact 

We know you’re going to love the coffee, but here's even more reason to try a bag. We’re excited to announce that this year, our Christmas coffee will help support Lambeth Mutual Aid, a collective who meet just around the corner from our Roastery in Lambeth. After raising over £800 for The Connection at St Martins-in-the-fields last year, we wanted to partner with a local organisation to celebrate Christmas in our new borough.  

Alongside hosting a series of monthly social events and signposting support, Lambeth Mutual Aid also runs a solidarity fund. This fund supports locals living in Lambeth and provides those who need it most with small grants. This is where you come in. 

Bag Old Spike Christmas Blend laying on top of coffee beans

For every bag of our Christmas Blend, and every festive bundle we sell this year, £1 will be donated to Lambeth Mutual Aid’s Solidarity Fund and distributed to individuals and families this Christmas. Not a fan of coffee? Not to worry. You can donate directly to the solidarity fund online here. 

Old Spike alternative advent

Flipping Advent On Its Head

Alongside our Christmas Shop, we will also be running our Alternative Advent again this year. With the help of Lambeth Larder, we will be collecting, delivering and distributing boxes of food and essentials to those who need it over the festive period. Find out how to get involved and give back here.